Soft skills workshop delivery

For the past 20 or so years I have both written my own workshop materials and delivered thousands of workshops from trainer briefs written by others, in both the public, private and voluntary sectors.

My training apprenticeship for training was alongside an amazing NHS trainer for 10 years; he is very experienced and is now a first class hypnosis change-worker. I learned from my mistakes and successes, from trial and error, honing skills over many years. 

Between us we devised creative communication and assertiveness weekend courses, which we delivered nationwide.

Over time, I learned from him how to create workshops and deliver them powerfully, effectively and with confidence. And I learned how to think on my feet when things do not go quite to plan. We continue to teach each other new stuff.

So my training and development expertise has come from the ‘ground-up’, rather than a ‘theory-down’ approach and has stood the test of many a different kind of workshop since 1997, when I went first went professionally freelance.

Here are just a few of the topics in which I can deliver workshops:

  • Employability, & career transition skills, such as cv writing and self-marketing
  • Assessment and Development Centres
  • Health & Safety worker engagement
  • Equality and diversity
  • Customer service in retail environments
  • Coaching & feedback 
  •  Negotiation and influencing
  •  Presentation skills
  •  Interview skills 
  • Team development
  •  Managing difficult conversations 
  •  Performance management
  • Communication / confidence / stress / self-management
  • Leadership 
  • CV writing and self-marketing

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