Philosophical basis

If we take the time, we can directly observe a dynamic reality, insubstantial in nature;  nothing permanent however much we wish it to be, no fixed things anywhere, least of all an “I” or a “me”. This means that life is constant flux and so is open to change and influence. We ARE life and the universe, not actors on a pre-determined stage. What arises as “problems” are just our life and can be met fully and engaged with.

Body and mind is one, and body/mind is one with our environment, interwoven with other people. 

This means we are not separate either within ourselves, nor from what happens around us. Knowing this enables us to pay attention holistically to our life and aspirations.

Our dissatisfactions and stuck states often arise in the gap between our unrealistic beliefs and expectations and how reality actually turns up moment by moment.  

Creativity and personal transformation becomes possible if we work with reality rather than against it, if we flow with intention and flexibility rather than grip onto the past or the future. We co-create with what arises in any case, so we might as well engage with awareness.

By exploring what happens in those moments through practising present-moment-awareness and becoming realistic about expectations, we can find a deeper contentment and joy, as well as profound creativity. Here is a rich place to work for change, maturity and growth.

What we take as deeply-held self-defining beliefs are often just conditioned limits we set ourselves, without realising where they come from; and if we wish, they can be changed to more open constructive ones that support and enhance life rather than constrict or limit it. This is the very crux of all good coaching and change-work. 

We are responsible for our own life. We have an effect. This means it is important to live by a love-informed code of ethics and behaviour that, at its heart, consists of non-harm, generosity, kind speech, respect and clear-mindedness.

Life itself, being so much more vast and wonderful than the small-minded self, provides feedback, results and consequences plenty enough, not only for ourselves but beyond that in the lives of others and our circumstances and environment.

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Going deeper

Decisions are made in parts of our mind that are not fully accessible consciously. Our wisdom does not reside in the rational, conceptual mind, but right across the body/mind. Often, we call it 'gut feeling'.  The conscious mind is commentator after the fact, story-maker, meaning-maker, reference-creator. It’s not really ‘who we are’.

Perhaps we decided consciously to make a change - such as losing weight or giving up smoking, or perhaps overcoming a fear of public speaking -  and yet for some reason we seem unable to see it through. 

This is often because we do not have full assent from those more unconscious depths. They have been 'programmed’ from the past to believe and hold meanings, often over years; the intention is to protect us as best they know how, giving us the appropriate reference experiences to help us respond. However, they can sometimes be inappropriate as situations change;  we grow older, wiser and add new skills and choices to our range of response.

We need a way to listen to our underlying beliefs and presuppositions, wherein all our sense of self and what is possible lies.

Enlisting the deeper wisdom mind is perhaps even more vital than just working with the conscious processes.

I have studied hypnosis, gained a diploma in clinical advanced hypnosis and NLP as means for enabling deep change and incorporate in in a transformational coaching approach. 

It can work with

  • self confidence issues
  • public speaking
  • insomnia
  • low mood and depressive tendencies
  • smoking cessation
  • phobias

Taken with experiences drawn from my zen practice regarding the inherent empty nature of what we think of as our 'self' and our 'world', we have a powerful way of loosening fixed beliefs, responses and behaviour patterns, allowing more creative and compassionate choices. 

These insights flow through all the work I do.

© paul crummay 2018