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I have enjoyed being a performance and life coach to many people through my career. The reward of working with people from all walks of life and work positions, from CEOs, MDs right through to junior managers, staff and volunteers and seeing changes take place has been astonishingly rich.

Genuine connection, awareness, trusting in change and bringin love are integral to all this work. It is founded on the key principles that underpin the best coaching:

  • the client has the potential for change and development- and usually knows the answers
  • using open and probing questions that prompt creative thinking is usually better than solving problems for clients
  • ; listening is twice as important as talking; quality information gathering is valuable to the client;we possess two ears to one mouth for a good reason
  • being a sounding board for the client enables them to explore options in a non-judgmental, respectful space
  • subconscious work is as important as conscious work to bring about lasting change

My particular expertise is in having some understanding of how the mind creates reality, how beliefs can be limiting or open and how to reframe and inspire clients according to their desired outcomes, their values and their ways of processing.

I use NLP, transformational hypnosis, metaphor and suggestion, Eriksonian language patterns and traditional coaching models such as GROW, STEER and DART, as well as feedback framed in such models as AID. Mostly, I use intuition forged in the long years of practising.


Apollo Outplacement, Leeds      2012 -current

Senior Consultant, delivering career change support for wide range of people in public and private sector:

CV writing

Effective self-marketing

Interview skills

Coaching for the Change and Innovation Manager NHSBT Bristol: Enabled her to develop leadership skills, influencing, team development, mentoring over 7 years through many life changes and challenges

WDR, Horsham - client, Morrisons plc; associate 2011 - 2015                                                                                     

  • Delivering ‘Coaching for Service’, ‘Service First’ and ‘Smart Working’ modules in Morrisons ongoing Coaching Culture programme                                                                                                   
  • Operated as group co-facilitator for 20+ sized groups; presented 6 x 2-day theory and practical workshops in Coaching for Service: 2500 participants; aims of project, to create coaching culture aimed at delivering top customer service in stores                 

Phoenix Consulting, London & US: associate 2011 - 2013                                                                                                                   Delivered 1:1 development coaching for Senior Leadership Development programme participants, NHS Pathology

Premier Partnership, Doncaster: associate 2004- current                                                       

  • Regularly delivering wide range of soft skills workshops  & events to variety of public sector clients, such as NHSBT, DVLA, DWP, RCUK, NHS, Civil Service Learning, MoD, Coastguard Service, Highways Agency, HSE
  •  Co-wrote and delivered ‘Coaching for Performance’: 3+year programme for NHSBT first line and middle management to develop coaching culture
  •  Delivered workshops & events in 12-month programme of Worker Engagement for Health & Safety Executive
  •  Co-developed, wrote & delivered follow-up course for NHSBT team leaders on feedback skills, delivered nationally as part of small team, 4 x 1-day events spread over several weeks; enabled managers to learn skills of coaching to manage severe and swift change, improved service to blood donors through better trained staff

Creating Space For You (CIC):  Director 2010 - current

Delivered leadership and equality & diversity workshops to voluntary sector leaders 

Kellogg Brown & Root Aberdeen ;UK Ops Director, : leadership skills, influencing, team development  

Gloucester & Cheltenham NHS Trust; Director of Midwifery and individual midwives,  career direction, communication, influencing skills & team development

Taunton NHS Trust: Director of Midwifery, and individual senior staff members, team communication and clarification of direction and vision

The Stroke Association: Regional Fundraising Manager  time management, coaching &  team development  

Sandwell Borough Council: Assistant Director of Education:  time management, meeting skills, communication skills & team development

Kvaerner Oil & Gas: Commercial Director  team development, behavioural coaching & leadership skills

Redkite Leadership, Henley-on Thames: Assessment & Development Centre observer and developmental coach / feedback-giver


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