Working with a mentor /coach

I was at a networking event yesterday, mostly consisting of sole traders or ‘one-person-bands’. The person I was speaking to over a coffee and a croissant was saying that they came to the event regularly just to get to speak to someone. It led me to think about how hard it can be to find someone to discuss ideas and feelings about the business when you work on your own.

We can so easily get stuck in the trees and forget to take a step back and see the wood. When the daily pressures of running the business, dealing with customers, seeing to the routine tasks that must happen, it is easy to forget the bigger picture.


In the day-to-day, here are some questions we forget to ask:


“What could I be doing smarter?”


“What am I missing in my thinking that would give me a new opportunity?”

“Where might new ideas and new ways of working come from?”


When did you last have a review conversation with a sympathetic, yet impartial mentor? What issues are you feeling a little stuck with, that a well-directed chat with a trusted advisor might move on?


An hour every month with a coach /mentor could transform your mental state, enable you to feel less alone and give you some new ideas.


Think about it.

© paul crummay 2018