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Since I was 12 years old,  I have drawn and painted. My work career has taken me into being a graphic designer, then a soft skills trainer. Now, in my late years, I want to pick it up again more thoroughly.

Art enabled a great change in my mid 30s, taking me towards personal development, meditation and more full-time engagement with painting and producing work. I did a BA in Fine Art as a mature student in my 40s, and it has been a thread through my whole life one way or another. Art training endows one with a sensibility that goes beyond the narrow confines of the work, and into the world at large.

Apart from the producing of drawings and paintings, it has taught me how to SEE, how to empty myself, get out of the way and observe "things-as-it-is", as a Zen master once said.  When we can really see with new eyes, everything becomes astonishing, miraculous.

More broadly, I have learned how to appreciate difference, how to see beauty in any and every place, even the less obvious. It has also taught me to love the mysterious poetry of the everyday object, and whilst I don’t draw every day, the ethos and way of seeing is always present to me...

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